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5 Easy Ways to Control Your Montana Home

Use Smart Home Automation to Simplify Your Lifestyle

5 Easy Ways to Control Your Montana Home

Are you an Android or an Apple user? Do you have a tablet or prefer to do most of your browsing on a laptop computer? Everyone has a specific preference when it comes to technology, just like you have a fashion style, the devices you choose reflect your own personality.

There’s no one right way to control your smart home; you get to decide how to manage it. With that in mind, we want to elaborate on the different options you have to control your Big Sky, MT area home. Whether you want to keep a handy universal remote, or get the newest wearable technology, Control4 and Innovative Living Group have something for everyone.

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1. The Control4 Remote

The Control4 SR-260 universal remote is the right option for those who like to push buttons and want a simple device to perform a variety of functions. What sets Control4’s remote apart is that it can control practically every feature in your home, not just your home theater. Adjust your thermostat, audio, lights, shades, and security using this lightweight device. The buttons are backlit, so you can see them in the dark too, and there is an LED display at the top of the remote for displaying your favorite channels and functions. Access all of your favorite streaming platforms and channels, including Hulu, Netflix, DirecTV, and more. This remote will help you get rid of coffee table clutter. Just make sure it doesn’t get lost in your couch!

2. The Control4 App

Control4’s app can be downloaded onto any mobile device—including a tablet, smartphone and smart watch. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android products and can be downloaded quickly and easily. Control4’s interface is sleek and simple to navigate. You can also customize the system by creating new scenes at any time, like “Good Morning” “Goodnight” and “Movie.” An important factor in using the app is that you have a reliable Internet connection. If your Wi-Fi tends to cut out a lot, we recommend you invest in a better network. Our team has professional equipment and the experience needed to ensure your Wi-Fi-enabled devices work at all times.

3. Control4 Touch Screens

Touch screens use Wi-Fi to connect to all of your devices and systems, but you can’t take them with you on the go and they are solely used for home control. In other words, you can’t browse the local news and turn the lights off at the same time with a smart home touch screen.

Control4 offers in-wall and tabletop touch screens to give you easy access to your smart home system. In-wall screens are extremely convenient since they are stationary and can’t get lost in a large home. We can install them in central locations so you’ll have controls handy in places like the kitchen, master bedroom, and front door. Tabletop touch screens allow your family to use the system anywhere in your home – without the distractions of having access to Internet platforms or other applications. These devices come in fun colors too including black, white, and fire red.

4. Control4 Wireless Keypads

Control4’s wireless keypads can be customized for your exact needs. Instead of trying to figure out which switch turns on what, you’ll have clear labels on every button – like “Cooking”, “Dining” or “Goodnight”. They can include 1-6 LED backlit engraved buttons and different combinations. You can also add up and down volume arrows for when you want to control the audio or dimmers. They come in 12 stylish colors and gloss or satin finishes.

5. Voice Control

Lastly, you can control your home with just your voice. This is the newest addition to Control4’s lineup. Imagine walking in the front door and saying “turn on ESPN” as soon as you get home from work. Or if you arrive and your hands are full with groceries, say “turn off the alarm” and the security system will disarm immediately. You can also access the custom scenes you create. So if you made a scene for your son’s upcoming birthday party you can activate it with your voice. You’ll need the Amazon Alexa, Dot, Tap, or Echo devices to perform voice control in your smart home.

Whether you want just one of these controls or a combination of a few of them, we can customize your smart home so that you can control every feature just the way you like it. To learn more, fill out our online contact form.