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Discover a New Way to Live with Smart Home Automation

Customize Your Montana Home with Smart Home Technology

Discover a New Way to Live with Smart Home Automation

It’s incredibly convenient to be able to control your home with your phone. Who doesn’t love the idea of turning the lights on and off wirelessly from any location in the world? However, smart home automation goes a lot further than this convenience. It’s not simply about accessing your home with your smartphone—it’s about creating unique experiences by tying multiple actions together. ‘Scenes’ are custom settings you can create using your smart home app so you can turn off the lights, set the security alarm, and adjust the thermostat all at once! Keep reading this blog to learn more about how to customize your Bozeman, Montana home with smart home scenes.

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Good Morning

Let’s say you have a super early morning ahead and need that extra kick to get out of bed. You can create a ‘scene’ with your Control4 smart home system that gets you moving faster than a rooster. Imagine your music system turning on a peppy song right at 4:30 a.m. to wake you as the lights get bright in the bedroom and the TV turns on the local news channel so you can receive the morning report. Then as you move downstairs to get your cup of coffee, occupancy sensors detect your presence and turn on each light as you move into the kitchen. You can change the settings for this Good Morning scene at any time.


Whether you are simply going off to work in the morning or are going on vacation for a week, an Away scene is super helpful when you want to quickly leave the house. Press one button on a touchscreen or keypad on the wall and your entire home will shut off electronics and arm the security and surveillance system. In the wintertime, you can ensure the home stays at the proper temperature to avoid high electricity bills but still prevent the pipes from freezing.


Have an upcoming event at your home? Prepare for company by creating a playlist and timing it to start right as your guests arrive. Tie in your lighting, shading, and HVAC system to create the right environment for your friends and family. Choose soft lighting for an intimate cocktail party or leave them at a bright level for a game night. If you’re in the mood for a movie, customize a scene that draws the motorized drapes, dims the lights and activates your home theater system. The faster your party gets started, the faster you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the occasion.


You’ve just finished entertaining your friends and are super tired and ready for bed.  Pressing the Goodnight button using your Control4 smart home automation system triggers your entire home into sleep mode. The lights turn off, (except for one porch light), and the doors lock. Later on in the middle of the night, you wake up thirsty. As you walk downstairs to the kitchen, occupancy sensors turn on lights to brighten your way so you don’t trip and fall. As you make your way back to bed, the lights shut off as soon as they sense you aren’t there anymore.

Now that you can picture what’s it’s like to live in a smart home, why not give us a call? We can install smart home automation that mirrors your daily lifestyle. Get started by filling out this online form.