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How to Expand and Simplify Your Home Entertainment Setup

Unite all of Your Content Sources into One Easy-to-use System

How to Expand and Simplify Your Home Entertainment Setup

Today we have so many options for home entertainment from basic cable to premium channels, streaming subscriptions, Blu-rays and more. Though Havre, MT homeowners now have more options to choose from, it can pose some challenges. In the past, all you had to do was plug in and connect your VCR or DVD player; now you have to find a way to connect all of your sources cohesively with your home theater system. The more sources you add, the more complicated your setup can become—especially if you do it yourself without the help of an audio/video expert. Read this blog to discover how a professional home theater setup installed by our team of integrators can make all the difference.

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How to Organize Your Sources

If you place your cable box, Blu-ray player, Roku and other sources near your
TV the area is bound to get cluttered. Plus, if you have multiple TVs in your home, you’ll have to purchase all of the same equipment for every room. By adding an integration system to your home theater, you can save space and organize all of your content. First we’ll place all of the source components in an AV closet and organize them with a rack that segments each player. Below we highlight some of the sources we include during a typical home theater installation:

Blu-ray player: This is the most common and main source in a home theater since you can enjoy your favorite movies in the latest 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos technology.

Media Server: If you already have a collection of DVDs, Blu-rays or an extensive digital library, you can upload all of the films to a Kaleidescape media server. This way you can easily browse your collection all in one place—whether it’s a DVD or digital file. You can also buy and rent new movies in 4K Ultra HD quality from their online store. The Kaleidescape media server even enhances your old DVDs so they look better on the screen.

Cable/Satellite: We can integrate your cable or satellite provider into the rack as well. This is a big priority for sports fans who rely on local channels or ESPN to follow their favorite teams. You’ll be able to access your premium channels as well like HBO and Showtime.  

Wireless Components: Now that streaming services like Neflix and Hulu offer exclusive content, it’s hard to miss adding a lot of these sources to your home theater. These services require a quality home network. There is a variety of Wi-fi enable devices including servers and AV receivers that can be added to your rack for this purpose.

Use Just One Control Device to Access all of Your Content

It can be confusing to figure out how to switch from watching a football game on ESPN to catching up on Stranger Things on Netflix, and then switching to a Blu-ray your just rented from a Red Box. If you have multiple remotes, it’s time to consolidate.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us to install a professional home theater system is that you can access all these sources from one device. Plus, you get to decide the control option that works best for you. You can manage all of your entertainment sources from a tablet, touchpad, smartphone or universal remote. In a matter of seconds, with just a few button presses or swipes of your screen, you can find what you want and start watching.

Want to simplify your Havre, Montana home and add even more entertainment to your home theater? Fill out our online contact form and we’ll meet with you to create a plan to organize your favorite movies, shows, and online content.