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How to Make Your Havre, MT Restaurant Stand Out From the Competition

Audio/Video Solutions Can Boost Business in Your Eatery

How to Make Your Havre, MT Restaurant Stand Out From the Competition

Havre, Montana is filled with quaint restaurants and charming bars. Whether you live in the area or visit often there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a drink. With that said, there is a lot of competition amongst the wide array of local hot spots. If you run a restaurant or bar, how are you going to make your mark and stand out from the competition? Commercial audio video solutions can help increase your success. Keep reading to learn more.

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Integrated Video

Most restaurants and bars have multiple TVs to entertain guests. If you have many screens, it can be difficult to manage them. But what if you could control all of them easily by pressing one button? We can integrate all of your TVs together so that they all play the same station, or you could play different channels in different groupings based on the area of the building. For example, in a nightclub, play popular music videos near the dance floor, and then play sports outside by the mini bar for those who just want to chill and have a drink. You could even put videos on timers so that every hour, the channel changes. To impress customers, tie motion sensors to TVs by the dance floor so that when someone comes into the area, the videos begin playing. Control the TVs with a tablet, universal remote or sensors. The bottom line is, you have more options with an automated video system. And since we have the best screens available on the market, like 4K UHD, you know you are going to have the best picture on the block.

Integrated Audio

You may not want to hang TVs in your bar or restaurant because you don’t want to distract customers with moving images – especially if you have live entertainment on a frequent basis. But we can all agree that music is a must-have in any business. Music helps set the mood and create a theme for your venue. But you don’t want to just pick any music system, and simply placing speakers around the room could make it look cluttered.  iLiving Group can install speakers in the ceilings and the walls so you don’t even see them! You’ll maintain a sleek and stylish interior design and impress customers. A hi-fi music system will also ensure that you are playing the best quality sound. And that’s important when you have customers looking for entertainment on the weekend. What’s more is that we can also keep your music organized. So if you have a specific playlist for a ladies night, you can time it to come on at 10 p.m. every Friday. Or if you run an upscale Italian restaurant, you can play a romantic and relaxing playlist softly in the background that will create the right atmosphere for a fancy night out. Schedule a completely different line-up of songs for happy hour when business men and women are socializing after work hours. You’ll be able to manage everything with a tablet, phone, or mounted touch screen.

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