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The Best Features of an Security System

Add Smart Security and Surveillance to Your Bozeman, MT Home

The Best Features of an Security System

In recent years, security systems have become much smarter, allowing you to easily protect and control your home. Besides monitoring your Bozeman, MT area home with surveillance cameras, you can also use smart locks and get alerts to protect your property during emergencies. So exactly why is an system better than the others? Read this blog to learn about all the amazing features you can use when you work with us to install a security and surveillance system in your home.

Your Protection is the Top Priority

An system can be used in many different ways, but the main goal is to always keep you and your family safe. The system has been engineered to keep you informed and in control at all times whether there is a threat of fire, flood, or theft. The system can detect all kinds of dangers including:

    • Break-ins: If someone breaks into your house not only will an alarm sound, but you and the police will be notified immediately too. systems are monitored by licensed central monitoring stations 24-7. So not only will they respond, but you can too. You’ll get a notice through text messaging or email. Security cameras will also capture the activity and send you clips so you can see the face of the person who is trying to enter. Your system will alert you to any type of suspicious activity to help prevent theft. 
    • Fires: Your smoke detectors and AC system will be connected wirelessly to your security system to detect fires. If it notices smoke or heat, it will sound the alarm, notify you, and also turn off fans to help prevent the fire from spreading. 
    • Water Leaks: If your home suffers a water leak, the system can proactively turn off the water to prevent flooding. 

Convenience and Ease of Use is Our Goal

Old security technology was typically clunky and restrictive. Comparatively, a smart security system is as easy as pressing a button on your phone. The app connects to every feature, like your cameras, smoke detector, alarm, and AC system so that you can conveniently control your home. Instead of running into your house to plug in a code to turn off an alarm, all you have to do is tap your phone! Here are some ways simplifies your lifestyle.

    • Check on Your Children: From monitoring your baby using a wireless security camera, to getting an alert on your phone when your teenager arrived home from school, makes checking on your kids easy. You can keep tabs on all their comings and goings using smart locks too. If a door opens or closes you’ll know who it was according to the passcode that was entered and the location. 
    • Keep Track of Packages and Visitors: Use an HD doorbell and you can see who is at the door, whether it’s the FedEx guy or a next-door neighbor. Live video feeds let you see what’s happening at your front door 24-7. Let the postman in to place the package inside, or tell him using the app to return the next day when you’ll be home. 
    • Stay Connected While You’re Away: Besides making sure your home is safe, you can monitor a house sitter, babysitter, or other help while you are on vacation or any other type of trip. Give the babysitter a temporary passcode for the smart door lock and check on her using the smart surveillance cameras. Search through video clips that are stored on a secure cloud at the end of the day to see what happened. Smart cameras and locks are great for caring for pets too! Want to know what they do while you’re away? Watch the clips for fun. 

Now that you know what makes systems different, contact us and let us know if you need an installation or have any questions. It may be time for an update or new install in your Bozeman, MT home.