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What’s the Difference Between a DIY Smart Home and an Integrated Home?

Learn the Value of Using a Professional to Connect all Your Home’s Smart Devices Together

What’s the Difference Between a DIY Smart Home and an Integrated Home?

You’ve probably noticed it in the news or in commercials, but the smart home is becoming more commonplace around the world. You can purchase a Nest Thermostat, a Sonos Speaker, or a Lutron Lighting Control plug-in device and control your home wirelessly. Add in Amazon’s Alexa and you can even take this one step further and make commands with your voice. But there are downsides to the DIY smart home. Purchase enough smart devices, like a smart refrigerator, washing machine or more and you’ll end up having to manage dozens of apps on your phone. Plus, if you don’t have a solid network they’ll fail to connect and work reliably. Read this blog to learn about the difference between a DIY smart home and an integrated one in Havre, MT.

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What is an integrated home?

The definition of “integration” is the act of combining into an integral whole. Smart home installation companies like us combine different components of your home together to make it work as a whole. When you buys lots of different smart devices that can’t communicate with each other, your method of controlling them becomes complicated and overwhelming. Can you imagine having to sign into a different app on your mobile device every time you want to turn a light off or disarm the security system?

Innovative Living Group makes the process of transforming your house into a smart home seamless. Using our proprietary systems with either Control4 or, we can unite all of the subsystems of your home together and place them on one easy-to-use platform. 

How does it work?

We will come in and assess your home, whether it’s in the Havre, MT area or Bozeman, and then we will make a recommendation based on the size of your home and budget. For example, Control4 systems are very scalable. You can start out small and install a lighting control system or home theater and then easily add more on later. Each subsystem connects through control4 so all you have to do is open up one app on your phone, tablet, or touchpad and change your home’s settings. You’ll be able to control security, lighting, shading, AC system and more all on the same user interface. 

Will my current smart devices connect to your system?

Control4 connects to many popular smart devices, including Nest, Sonos, The Amazon Echo, Honeywell Thermostats and Alarm Systems, QMotion Shades, Lutron Lighting, and much more! So in many cases you don’t have to switch out your devices for new ones to clean up all that app clutter. We can unite all your favorite brands under one unique platform. 

For more information about our smart home systems, contact us online! We can answer all of your questions and get your home ready for the future.